Relais San Maurizio

Monastery’s Park and Organic Garden

The secular park in which San Maurizio is located, twists and turns on top of the hill, surmounted by a magnificent example of the Cedar of Lebanon, and enjoys a special microclimate which cohabit strawberry and olive trees, fir, larch and majestic beeches along with local oaks and elms.
The lush vegetation surrounding the monastery has in its inside a heart dedicated to the cure of the officinal herb garden and the organic vegetable garden, a precious legacies of the monks.
These two oases of authenticity are a source of inspiration for the eco-friendly philosophy of our food and produce the raw materials at the base of the recipes that you can find in our menus, detoxifying teas and in our biocosmetic Skincare – San Maurizio 1619 products.
Perpetuating the rigors of nature and ensure ingredients that have not undergone interpolations: this is our mission.
From farm to fork, the only truly sustainable “green therapy”.