Relais San Maurizio

San Maurizio Bistrot

The hill on which Relais San Maurizio stands in in the heart of the Langhe in Piedmont, one of the areas in Italy most renowned for its food and wine, where the view takes in the breathtaking colours of the vines and the landsacpe descends towards the Mediterranean sea.

These are the lands that give origin to farm produce that traditional peasant and monastic skill has succeeded in transforming into foods that are unique in the world, making the most of them with recipes of unequalled taste and respect for the natural quality of the ingredients that have always been used. These vineyard strewn slopes are also the birthplace of some of the world’s favourite wines, including Moscato, Barolo and Barbaresco, of which the Langa district has become emblematic and symbolic, and with which we are filling your glasses today.

San Maurizio Bistrot has rediscovered the precious heritage of this age-old tradition and is now presenting it to the world, taking the excellence typical of the Langa to its finest level and, thanks to the microclimate that distingushes the hill where the monastery stands, offering its customers truffles all year round.

In fact, thanks to its very special history, San Maurizio has naturally become the best place for carrying out extremely refined research: the Cistercian monks that laid the foundation stones of its walls in the 17th century brought,walking from Provence across the Alps, the exclusive habit of cooking with herbs. Their spices in our stores have merged with the local products, developed using traditional recipes, to give an authentic result dedicated to demanding and refined palates. For every product, we guarantee a complete knowledge of the food chain, from the places where the ingredients are cultivated and produced, to the processing and preservation methods. Each of our foods is the result of excellent artisan production and this is why it is available in limited and exclusive qualities only and not available from mass distribution outlets.