Welcome to Relais San Maurizio

Relais San Maurizio lies in a unique and enchanting place, the ancient XVII century monastery,
where people and nature have always lived together in peace and harmony.
We’ll accompany you on a journey in search for the roots and origins,
you’ll admire the slow flow of time and enjoy the experience that will caress your mind for a long time.

Monastery Rooms

San Luigi Luxury Suites

Since 1619

Monastery’s park and Organic Garden


Guido da Costigliole

Origini Bistrot


Unesco Heritage

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Relais San Maurizio

Località San Maurizio, 39
12058, Santo Stefano Belbo
Cuneo, Italy

Tel. +39.0141.841900
Email: info@relaissanmaurizio.it
Fax +39.0141.843833
CF e P.iva 03702070040

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